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Think Leather!

YELLOW BROS.(イエローブロス)とは?

YELLOW BROS.(イエローブロス)は1990年頃より兄弟二人で活動を始めました。
「Think Leather!」をテーマに革の魅力を引き出す手法とデザインを心がけており、使用する素材は、牛革を中心にピッグ、ホース、ディアスキンをメインにエキゾチックレザーまで。また異素材との組み合わせにも取り組んでいきます。



The YELLOW BROS. was formed by two brothers and began its activities in 1990.
The brand name was chosen to reflect the YELLOW BROS. decision to only use leather tanned with tannin, traditionally used as a natural leather tanning agent, which is kind to the environment. Tannin is yellow.

“Think Leather!” describes the aim of YELLOW BROS. to bring out the qualities and beauty of various leathers. Although we work mainly with cowhide, we also use calf, pigskin, horsehide, deerskin and other, more exotic leathers. With this aim YELLOW BROS. often coordinates different leathers with non-leather fabrics.

Various leather-aging processes are used to achieve the feeling of the flow of time for the enjoyment of our customers. As time flows so we aim to continue applying our hearts to our customers’ pleasure.

As part of our concern for the longevity of our products we offer an after-sales maintenance service to ensure our customers are able to enjoy our products long into the future.