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YELLOW BROS.(イエローブロス)プロフィール

2004年イタリアフィレンツェにて開催されるPitti Imagine Uomoに出展

YELLOW BROS.'s Profile

Here is a little more on the Yellow Bros.
Yuichi, the older of the two, went out the Uk on holiday - it was March,1989.
One morning he got to Portobello Road at around 6 am and found an Owen-Cromwell leather covered helmet.
It was the first time he'd seen such a thing. Takashi was into bikes so when Yuichi brought the helmet back to Japan he showed it to him.
Takashi was so taken by the fact of leather being used to cover a helmet that he set about finding out what kind of leather it was, and how they'd manage to apply it.
He went to school.
They still have the Arai Jet helmet that Takashi covered while there.
In the meantime, Yuichi was earning a living designing costumes for bands.
Takashi's interest in leather, and the fact that he wanted some leather trousers to keep his legs getting cold while riding his bike in winter, resulted in Yuichi using his skills to make him a pair.
That was how they started.